Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

These are the systems in which the electrical energy obtained by the solar rays collected on the solar panels creates electron flow through the conductive structures of the silicon solar cells.

The electrical energy obtained from the Solar Panels is transferred to the grid after passing through the main equipment required for the system.

In places where there is no Electricity Network, the excess electrical energy produced in the panels is stored in the batteries and is designed to meet the system’s electricity needs even when there is no sun.

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Consulting Project

The consultancy firm specializes in conducting essential examinations for planned investments, performing quality controls, assessing site feasibility, conducting structural and financial analyses, overseeing legal processes and obtaining connection permissions, as well as handling project planning and commissioning and testing procedures.

Operation Maintenance

The company offers operation and maintenance services, including remote monitoring of solar power plants, prompt response in case of malfunctions, continuous data monitoring and production follow-up, and the preparation of detailed monthly and annual reports.

Turnkey (EPC)

The company specializes in turnkey solutions, offering comprehensive project engineering, SPP (Solar Power Plant) installation in alignment with project requirements, site preparation, secure installation of PV modules, electrical system installation encompassing DC systems, inverters, and AC grid connection, rigorous testing and commissioning of SPP projects, identifying advantageous situations within incentive frameworks, evaluating and advising on licensed or unlicensed installations, conducting thorough shadowing analyses, simulating production values, and assisting in selecting the most suitable photovoltaic panel for the project.

Projects Execution

Evahybrid specializes in seamless project execution, ensuring precision and innovation from start to finish. Our dedicated team prioritizes efficiency, safety, and sustainability at every stage. With meticulous planning and a commitment to excellence, we bring projects to life, delivering reliable solutions that exceed expectations. Partner with Evahybrid for a visionary approach to project execution, shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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